Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gone a while

Well...All I have to hear is that a hospital is in need of baby blankets, and hats and such and I'm on it. All of my crochet and knitting goes to charities. There is such a great need out there for a lot of things. I do not consider myself a quilter, just someone who likes to dabble with easy patterns on occasion. I still visit blogs now and again and next time I do I'll be sure to say hi. I really admire what you do.

Until next time...


Pat said...

I'm sure your knitted and crocheted blankets bring a lot of comfort to those who receive them. Keep up the good work.

Crispy said...

My hat is off to you Bunny, you have a warm and generous heart.


Tiffany said...

Are you a part of the quilter's guild in Newark? I've been trying to contact someonea bout it but can't get any information.

I think its fantastic that you do so much for charity!